Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don Moi with his small group, they wanted to go to Arizona. The price isn't cheap to cross the US boarder.they were wondering how much would the price be, till the got shocked when they found that the it might cost them around twenty thousands pesos just to cross into the US. In the end, they arrange it to be thirteen thousand but with no ride, they decided to walk all the way to the boarder to save some money. Finally they got a loan so they can pay Don Moi the charges.
Reymound Barreda was a mestizo. He was a mature man, strong. He has decided to go north to expand his house as a gift ti his wife. He had a son, how plays soccer. His son could be a soccer profissional player. He had the sheer faith in his father and life that could be expected from a kid whose name is "King of the World".
Reymundo Sr. was worried about his sond, because they were hungry for adventure. Nahum Landa was a dark young man

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